Emergency recruitment of an Administrative and Financial Director


  • The subsidiary (€400m) of this media group faces a profound upheaval in the market
  • It is engaged in a process of continuous transformation that leads to pooling, downsizing and the need to change management practices and mentalities
  • The quality of the financial relations with the group needs to be restored by urgently recruiting a new Administrative and Financial Director, a member of the subsidiary executive committee

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés immediately contacted the Administrative and Financial Directors recently met by Partners and immediately available
  • These Administrative and Financial Directors all served at Comex subsidiaries in major international groups of all sectors. They have led projects in situations of crisis or profound transformation
  • Eurosearch meets these people within a few days and presents the files of 3 candidates within 8 working days
  • The client quickly meets with the candidates
  • Eurosearch provides the permanent interface between the client and the candidates to carry out this emergency recruitment


  • The client chooses a candidate who does not come from the sector. He brings a superior added value in terms of financial technique and managerial experience in a situation of transformation or crisis
  • From the first weeks, the level of the candidate makes the difference compared to the past Comex gains in efficiency and unity
  • The subsidiary is now in a position to restore its credit with the parent company