Industrial and commercial intermediate-sized B2B enterprise

Evaluation of the executive team’s ability to implement the corporate vision Support for the board of directors in carrying out an in-depth assessment of the strategic plan


  • The financing shareholders wanted to evaluate the executive team’s ability to implement the non-executive founding president’s vision
  • There was a need for the entire shareholder base to have access to a medium-term plan together with performance indicators arising out of the board of director’s adoption of the vision

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • A management review exercise was first conducted by meeting and evaluating the members of the executive team with the aim of:
    • supporting a process of reflecting on the organisation and the people involved in it
    • evaluating the management team’s collective performance
    • preparing the enterprise for battle
    • evaluating the available management resources
    • providing material to feed a process of reflecting on the evolution of the organisation
  • Following this, and working within the framework of a transition project, both the Managing Director and the other directors were supported and assisted in adopting the corporate vision and developing a medium-term plan through:
    • the conducting of a strategic-vision adaptation exercise
    • participation in a rallying exercise designed to mobilise energies around a group project
    • contribution to the process of instilling a new managerial dynamic


  • The shareholders were provided with a comprehensive external perspective enabling calibration of the way management is organised, its capacity to implement the strategy, and the organisation’s developmental needs, and the strengthening of skills and competences for the purpose of implementing the strategic vision
  • The directors became engaged in a participative approach to adopting the corporate vision, translating to the development of a properly formulated medium-term strategic plan
  • Obstacles to change were partly removed, enabling the way in which the management was organised to develop in the right direction
  • The shareholders were provided with a precise global reference document that can be used to challenge the senior management team, monitor the implementation of the strategic plan, decide on investments and make necessary decisions with full knowledge of the facts