Management audit and recruitment of a CFO to support the Chairman of an SME in his build-up strategy


The company is a small-to-medium-sized manufacturer that designs, produces and markets its products itself, via B2C distribution.

As part of a secondary LBO, its longstanding Chairman stepped back to become Chairman of the Supervisory Committee. His CFO replaced him as Chairman of the Board, while the Sales Director became the second Board Member.

The team lacked the manufacturing expertise to implement an ambitious build-up strategy in France and internationally.

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

Eurosearch & Associés worked with the new Chairman to strengthen his Executive Team. Our consultancy advised him on defining the ideal profile and recruiting an individual to provide the missing expertise.

Recruiting a Board Member:

  • Selection of individuals with the most compatible personalities
  • Presentation of a range of profiles to the new Chairman, offering different levels of contribution to overall management (ranging from a technical specialist to an experienced director)
  • The Chairman’s standpoint evolved and he decided to opt for a proper business partner rather than a good technical manager; this person became a new Board Member

We recruited a CFO to free up the Chairman from his operational management duties, so he could focus on the build-up strategy: we identified candidates, presented them to the Chairman, and helped him choose.


  • Within a very short space of time we put together a comprehensive and proficient Executive Team, enabling the Chairman to oversee the collective coordination of an ambitious strategy and fully accomplish his role
  • The Board held a face-to-face meeting a few weeks after the third Director joined
  • Our advice enabled the Chairman to identify the skills and profiles he required to implement his strategy, which were not the same as those he had envisaged at the start