Supporting shareholders in the process of selling a company


  • Shareholders with potentially diverging interests decide to initiate the process of selling one of the leading groups in their sector
  • The group’s financial management positions are unfilled, its accounting teams have been reduced in numbers and there is a significant amount of work given the high level of activity
  • The company no longer has the financial capacity to prepare the divestment process
  • A significant amount of information must be produced: vendor due diligence (VDD), a business plan, updates to forecasts, etc.

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés calls upon a financial expert to handle the heavy workload required to lead the divestment process
  • The project is carried out in several phases over a period of 9 months, mainly full-time and then part-time
  • Preparation of all documentation: a memorandum, vendor due diligence, a business plan, monitoring of current activity
  • Analysis of the information memorandum by potential buyers, answers to questions from prospective buyers and potential lenders
  • Due diligence of potential buyers and answers to questions, monitoring of current activity
  • Completion of the transaction


  • The potentially divergent interests of the shareholders were contained
  • The quality of the information produced and the active participation in the management of the process made it possible to ensure that there was a trusting attitude towards potential buyers during the process
  • The sale was made to a well-known buyer, with the company having been highly valued
  • The team contributed significantly to the success of the operation