Organisations of every size and genre depend on digital expertise.  Whether or not they transact business online, their digital strategy is no longer the preserve of the IT department and nor is it mostly about web presence.  Rather, in the case of the best-performing companies, it is integrated throughout.

Your requirements

To gain true digital advantage, businesses are reimagining their fundamentals, redefining the processes on which they rely and approaching afresh how they communicate with clients and trading partners.

For in excess of 20 years, Exec Avenue has been accompanying businesses throughout their digital evolution, ensuring the right leaders are identified and provided with the advice and tools to succeed.

Our solutions

Exec Avenue advises pure-play companies undergoing rapid growth or restructuring as well as traditional groups that are digitising services to meet customer expectations and consumption patterns while remaining competitive.

The depth of knowledge on which we draw from each industry allows us to support shareholders and boards of directors as they evaluate and strengthen their leadership resources, be this at Group, Geographical or Functional level.


Cyrille Fortin (Paris)

Mark Ingram (London)

Thierry Mercier (Paris)

Thorsten Seefried (Frankfurt)

Masakazu (Max) Tsumuraya (Tokyo)