Worldwide, this industry has become key when it comes to funding companies and infrastructure projects. For more than 30 years, Exec Avenue, a Eurosearch Company, has been supporting companies in the industry and the  firm has extensive experience advising  private equity funds.

Our solutions

Private equity and venture capital represent  significant parts of our business.

We work on two levels: to strengthen the investor and management teams of holdings.

We support private equity teams in phases such as due diligence, company takeover and strengthening of distribution teams throughout the investment lifecycle.

For many years, our expertise—recognised in various fields of technology—has helped us conduct countless assignments on behalf of start-ups, at various stages of development including early, venture capital backed, investments.

We regularly conduct the following type of assignment:

  • Consulting assignment to study the case with an expert manager
  • Search for an Investment Manager
  • Assessment of the alignment between the team and the organisation, as well as the development plan
  • Hiring of Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, members of the executive team
  • Executive Interim Management assignment at the level of executive teams in all situations
  • Coaching of the executive team
  • Benchmarking of executive remuneration packages


Anne-Marie Blayo (Paris)

Jean Dermersedian (Paris)

Mark Ingram (London)

Jean-Michel Jamet (Paris)

Philippe Laverne (Paris)

Thierry Mercier (Paris)

Marc Pagezy (Paris / Casablanca)

Thorsten Seefried (Frankfurt)

Vincent Terrasson (Paris)