Our consulting services comprise Executive Search, Board Services, Leadership Consulting and Executive Interim Management. This broad approach is based on in-depth expertise in the sector internationally:


How do you ensure a successful new growth cycle? How do you achieve goals specified in the business plan and medium term corporate objectives? How do you develop the organisationin line with shareholder expectations and  growth forecasts by hiring the right leaders and specialists at the right time?


How do you develop your business model and adjust your strategy to reflect market changes, expand internationally, or ensure successful digital transformation? 

Crisis management

What is the current operational and financial situation? What emergency procedures and crisis management plans have been prepared, are up-to-date and appropriate for immediate implementation? Which management resources can be relied on and rapidly deployed to overcome a crisis? Is there a clear action-plan that brings together the various teams for the reassurance of  clients, suppliers, banks and other stakeholders?


How best do you prepare for a generational change in a management team or prepare for this by appointing m younger members to the Board of Directors of a family business?  In turn, how do you prepare the next generation for the role of shareholder, Director or Operational Manager and how should governance rules be adjusted when the family no longer controls the company’s operations?

Our solutions

As a key player in Management Resources Consulting for nearly 50 years, we have built our success on loyal and close partnership with our clients (large consortiums, mid-cap companies, family businesses, equity investment funds), who often hold leading positions in their respective markets.