Banking, insurance, social protection, management of listed and unlisted assets, property management… Stakeholders in these fields must all tackle the appearance of new players within the field of technology, such as fintech companies but also new companies entering the market (Orange, Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.), with the arrival of big data and artificial intelligence.  In light of these changes, Exec Avenue, a Eurosearch Company, had been developing its now recognised expertise for more than 50 years.

Our solutions

The fields of banking, insurance, social protection, property management and asset management play a key role in our business.

We work with recognised players in France and abroad in the following financial fields:

  • Insurance
  • Supplementary insurance
  • Benefit institutions
  • Brokerage
  • Investment banking
  • Private banking
  • Family offices
  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Professional bodies
  • Specialised service companies

Our commitment to think tanks and professional associations within these industries puts us at the heart of the community that makes up its leaders and experts. Our in-depth knowledge of the issues at stake in this industry helps us support company shareholders and managers and enhance their management resources in all types of situation, from growth and transformation to crisis and recovery.


Anne-Marie Blayo (Paris)

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos (San Francisco)

Dalil Guendouz (Casablanca / Paris)

Alexander Lloyd (Hong Kong)

Marc Pagezy (Paris / Casablanca)