How do you develop your business model and adjust your strategy to meet on the needs of a changing market?  How do you expand your company internationally or ensure successful digital transformation?

To support you in such transitions, whether you are a shareholder or manager, Exec Avenue fosters long-term discussions, in a spirit of trust, involving confidential and rigorous questioning.

Based on a highly comprehensive analysis of the transformation’s human and managerial impact, but also the drivers of and obstacles to change within the company, together we think about how to suitably strengthen your management resources by building on our experience in transforming companies.

Does the executive team have the skills necessary to address the changes that must be made? Who can help make this transformation a success internally? What are your needs as regards consulting and execution? How to convince shareholders and gain their support? When tackling any of these issues, we rely on the cross-sector experience of our partners and contacts at the highest levels, as a result of which we are able to oversee the teams, the organisation and the solutions that will help bring about change

A few examples of assignments

  • Merger of two companies
  • Introduction of new business model
  • Creation of a Head of Digital position
  • International expansion
  • Strengthening of a Board’sstrategic competence via the hiring of an external Director

Case study

Digital Transformation and Marketing Management as this applies to services in a Media group


  • A well-known newspaper publishing group’s advertising function was losing commercial momentum in line with an often-reported industry downturn
  • The group had previously been unable to digitise enough of its services and to appropriately market them
  • Against this background, the group’s leaders asked Exec Avenue to help identify ways to speed up the digitisation of its services via assessment of its marketing teams in each Business Unit

Exec Avenue’s engagement

  • Exec Avenue created a team consisting of an Executive Interim Manager and a Project Manager with in-depth knowledge of such issues
  • A diagnostic report was completed and an action plan put in place with the aim of introducing a client-centric marketing methodology in each Business Unit
  • The methodology and design were prioritised for sequential introduction based on the respective maturity of each Business Unit as defined by the competencies, knowledge and experience of the marketing and business teams in each case
  • Some services were thereby made ready for immediate marketing while others were put on hold while new skills were introduced to the teams in question


  • The methodology was implemented sequentially across the company, from launch of the POC and marketing of the services to the ultimate turn-around, with the client-centric focus fully adopted
  • The company’s leaders were able to assess the skill levels of the teams in each Business Unit and were henceforth able to make up for any delays by recruitment of more suitable candidates
  • The time-frame for the assignment was ultimately too short to enable full application of the methodology to all Business Units, meaning that existing teams were obliged to complete the process