Now a virtual as well as physical asset, technology has not only redefined borders but is transcending, even obviating, them.  As it does so, unprecedented volumes of data are captured, stored, analysed and shared, all the while enhancing knowledge and enabling trade, but increasingly raising questions about privacy, ownership and control.

Your requirements

Such is the unique nature of each technology, its reach and its context, that only those with highly specific knowledge, experience and skills have the capacity to succeed. This means competition is fierce for what is a finite universe of qualified technology leaders, each of whom seeking to work with companies that are defining the future.

Exec Avenue Partners have been helping technology companies and those investing in them address these challenges for several decades as well as counselling the industry’s outstanding current and future leaders on their careers. It is consequently no surprise that we have played a part in some of the most significant events in the industry’s evolution such as the merger of prominent brands and the acquisition of sector-leaders for which we have contributed to achievement of optimum valuations.

Our solutions

We understand what it takes to set up and grow a game-changing infrastructure software company, to drive change in a market-leading semiconductor organisation and to scale a cloud storage, services or development operations company. Whether in general management, technical, commercial, finance or operations functions, and no matter where in the world, our knowledge and resources are at your disposal.

The term ‘technology’ also applies, however, to companies in the fields of aerospace, renewable energy, engineering, pharmaceutics and biotechnology, medical devices and more, all of which are sectors in which we combine our expertise with that of our Exec Avenue colleagues.


Victoria Dimitrakopoulos (San Francisco)

Mark Ingram (London)

Alexander Lloyd (Hong Kong)

Thierry Mercier (Paris)

Thorsten Seefried (Frankfurt)

Max Tsumuraya (Tokyo)