In light of the dematerialisation of processes, new forms of work, tighter legislation, and the structured nature of the market, Exec Avenue, a Eurosearch Company, has been developing an in-depth knowledge of the business services market for more than 20 years.

Your requirements

Companies needs are constantly evolving as their environments change. Growing digitisation, dematerialisation of both documents and actions, teleworking, nomadisation, evolving legislation, increasingly involved players and countless start-ups are all new challenges for the business services sector.

Our solutions

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, its expectations and its requirements helps us bring the highest possible level of added value in light of client needs relating to their evolving management resources. We are able to recognise and confirm a candidate’s experience and the behaviour that will help them succeed in their assignment and adapt to the cultural environment in question.

We advise our clients as to the best way to develop their management structure by recruiting partners and senior managers. We also contribute through our experience in strategic marketing during support assignments. As part of Leadership Consulting, we help prepare transfers between generations.

Our expert business services are run by industry professionals and focuses on the following areas :

  • Strategy consulting
  • Organisational consulting
  • Audit and consulting
  • Legal and tax consulting
  • Economic intelligence
  • Training and change management
  • Marketing consulting


Anne-Marie Blayo (Paris)

Jean Demersedian (Paris)

Dalil Guendouz (Casablanca / Paris)

Marc Ingram (London)

Jean-Michel Jamet (Paris)

Alfonso Jimenez (Madrid)

Marc Pagezy (Paris/Casablanca)

María José Saura (Madrid)

Vincent Terrasson (Paris)