In a globalised world with increasingly greater constraints, industry — in all its diversity — has been an area of excellence for Exec Avenue, a Eurosearch Company, for more than 40 years.

Your requirements

  • The importance of innovation combined with product constraints, both of which create specific cultures: continuous production, process production, large batches, small and medium-sized batches, discrete production; evolving legislative requirements and standards; custom engineering contractors, equipment suppliers and subcontractors; and more.
  • The increasingly international scope of the industrial products traded on world markets, but also of their design and manufacture in a globalised economy, with specific and  restrictive standards.
  • The increasingly strategic nature of innovation and control of the supply chain for an industry’s competitiveness.

To a larger extent than ever before, industrial products and components are traded on world markets. Sold in export markets, they are often designed and manufactured abroad as part of a globalised economy. As such, an industry’s competitiveness depends on its ability to innovate and control its supply chain.

Our solutions

We operate within all the major industries : Aerospace and defence, car manufacturing and railway construction, cleantech, electricity, electronics and electronic components, mechanical engineering, metal and steel work, industrial equipment, testing equipment, chemicals, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, energy.

Many of our partners who have engineering backgrounds have performed management and public sector roles at the highest levels in industrial consortiums and companies.

This means we are able to quickly understand an organisation’s technical legacy and  requirements. We also share values such as competitiveness, accuracy and organisation, realism, responsiveness and passion for quality and improvement.

Industry can be seen as an adventure for individuals who believe in technical progress and the effectiveness of teamwork.

We advise industrial companies, who are often leaders in their respective sectors, regarding their management resources. We support company shareholders and managers and enhance their management resources in all types of situations in order to foster growth, promote transformation or overcome a crisis, worldwide.


Dalil Guendouz (Casablanca, Paris)

Alfonso Jimenez (Madrid)

Pierre-Dominique Henry (Paris)

Alexander Lloyd (Hong Kong)

Thierry Mercier (Paris)

Thorsten Seefried (Frankfurt)

Vincent Terrasson (Paris)

Max Tsumuraya (Tokyo)