How do you ensure a successful new growth cycle? How do you achieve goals specified in the business plan and medium term corporate objectives? How do you develop the organisation in line with shareholder expectations and growth forecasts by hiring the right leaders and specialists at the right time?

Whether you are shareholder or director, Exec Avenue engages with you in systematic, long-term dialogue involving confidential, rigorous questioning.

It is therefore based on a highly comprehensive analysis of your goals, company’s position with respect to its market, strategic levers and also having taken into account inherent risks that we consider how to go about strengthening your management resources.

Is the executive team, for example, able and ready to deploy this strategy or must its skills first be enhanced? How should certain roles evolve to ensure the strategy may be implemented? How does one improve the team’s managerial efficiency?

When tackling any of these issues, we rely on the cross-sector experience of our partners and contacts at the highest levels, as a result of which we are able to control the key success factors and allow you to realise your growth plans by the hiring of new leaders for permanent or temporary positions.

A few examples of assignments

  • Creation of a new role by integration of  external competences
  • Internationalising an Executive Committee by hiring an industry leader from another country
  • Creation of a distribution network in emerging geographies
  • Deployment of a digital strategy
  • New market entry strategy for existing distributors
  • Strengthening of the strategic competence of the Board of Directors with an Independent Director specialised in the industry in question

Case study

Management audit and recruitment of a Chief Financial Officer to support the CEO of an SME in its growth strategy


The company is an industrial SME that designs, manufactures and distributes its products itself using a B2C approach.

As part of a secondary LBO, its former CEO took a step back to  Chair  the Supervisory Board. The company’s Chief Financial Officer was to succeed the Chair of the Management Board.

The team did not have the required industrial knowledge or competence to implement an ambitious growth strategy in France and abroad.

Intervention by Exec Avenue

Exec Avenue supported the new CEO in strengthening the management team.  Through its recommendations, our firm helped the company establish the required skills and to recruit the ideal candidate

Recruitment of a member of the Board of Directors:

  • Selecting candidates with complementary profiles and personalities
  • Providing the new CEO with a broad choice of alternative executives offering various levels of general management and specialist experience (from technical experts to experienced directors)
  • Adapting the role of CEO into that of a true business partner rather than a good technical manager and introducing them on to the Board of Directors

Recruiting a Chief Financial Officer to relieve the CEO of overly operational responsibility  and help the CEO focus on growth: selection, presentation of candidates and support in decision-making.


  • An entire qualified management team was formed in a short time, which helped the CEO fulfil his own role and ensure an ambitious strategy could be implemented
  • Meeting of the Board of Directors within a few weeks of the hiring of the additional leader
  • Our firm’s advice and recommendations helped the CEO identify the skills and profiles required to implement the strategy, which were ultimately different from those initially considered