In light of digitisation, accountability among practitioners and an increasingly highly structured market, the healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation. Exec Avenue, a Eurosearch Company, has been active in the healthcare sector for more than 50 years and is a recognised player involved in transforming this market in light of changes linked to digital progress and evolving practices.

Your requirements

The digitisation of the industry and its professions, the need to manage healthcare costs, regulatory changes, the market’s structuring around the largest consortiums, and the scarcity of suitable candidates are all factors that are transforming health economics.

Our solutions

We provide long-term assistance to private clinics, laboratories, medical device manufacturers, software editors and start-ups.

Our experience means that we are able to offer services with a high added value as regards strengthening Boards of Directors, creating general management teams tailored to the healthcare industry, and searching for talented candidates, who are increasingly difficult to find on account of a severe lack of surgical and medical specialisations.

Our in-depth insight into the market and tailored approach to problems faced by our clients help us better understand their challenges and assist them in finding talented candidates, thereby helping them maintain their competitive advantage.

A dedicated team that continuously keeps up with the reality behind markets, players and organisations helps us be as responsive as possible within an industry where a consortium’s or company’s success is essentially based on the technical and personal skills of the general management when it comes to working with surgeons and doctors under exacting conditions.


Yves Damblemont (Paris)

Jean Dermersedian (Paris)

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos (San Francisco)

María José Saura (Madrid)