A company’s success depends on the quality and effectiveness of the interactions between the Executive Management and Board of Directors. This cooperation is critical to improvement of performance for companies of all sizes.

Boards of Directors have regulatory and governance obligations to fulfil, one of which is the regular review of their collective and individual performance via a process we refer to as Board Effectiveness Review.  The Directors of organisations of all types and sizes ranging from mid-cap companies to private equity backed businesses, family groups and earlier-stage entities are increasingly aware of the benefits that derive from the strengthening of their Boards and Supervisory Boards as well as promoting optimum interaction between them and the executive leadership team.

Our support services for Boards of Directors :

  • Search for Directors
  • Selection of Directors
  • Implementation of Director selection process
  • Board self-assessment
  • Mapping of the Board’s skills
  • Introduction of rules for good governance
  • Drafting of a Family Charter
  • CEO compensation advice and benchmarking

Case studies :

  • Recruitment of an Independent Director to oversee an overseas branch
  • Self-assessment of a Supervisory Board or acquisition by a private equity firm
  • Selection of Directors from candidates for the role of CEO of an insurance company
  • Selection of Directors for an insurance company
  • Mapping of the collective skills held by a Board of Directors
  • Recruitment of the first external (Non-executive) Director in a family business
  • Recruitment of an Independent Director on a Supervisory Board of a private equity-backed company
  • Introduction of good governance processes for a CEO and the Managing Director of a large national association

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