Leadership Consulting is the term we apply to types of advice provided to organisations that are undergoing growth or change, as well as to those seeking to inform how best to do so. It may be applied in the following situations:

  • Fostering of growth: change in strategy or scale, international expansion
  • Succession planning: evaluation of existing leaders and identification of future ones
  • Business model transformation: with mergers, acquisitions or a new reference shareholder
  • Turnaround and crisis management: sale of assets, restructuring, new legislation.

Leadership Consulting helps ensure that an organisation’s vision, corporate strategy and leadership resources are appropriately aligned.  It involves both diagnostic and advisory stages.  These include deployment of assessment and analysis tools and the provision of comprehensive support, advice and consulting tailored to the needs of individual executives and leadership teams.

Our support services:

  • One-to-one coaching
    • Mentoring
    • One-to-one executive coaching
    • Intercultural coaching
  • Executive committee coaching
    • Management review
    • Executive team coaching
    • Intercultural coaching
    • Executive team remuneration review

Case studies :

  • Preparation and organisation of succession planning for the 2nd generation of a family-run mid-cap company
  • Management audit as part of a private equity firm acquiring a majority shareholding in a service company
  • Management audit and recruitment of a Chief Financial Officer to support the CEO of an SME in its build-out strategy
  • Management review as part of the transformation of a family-run mid-cap company
  • Management review of a B2B distribution company under LBO
  • Audit of a company transformation plan
  • Assessment of a member of the Executive Committee in light of their nomination for the role of Managing Director as part of succession planning
  • Management review for an international matrix organisation
  • HR due diligence as part of external growth


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