With Executive Interim Management, companies changing or in transition, as well as those needing to rapidly access a certain set of leadership skills, can draw on our international expertise. For more than 20 years, Exec Avenue has been a trusted partner and advisor in interim management. 

Management solutions for the immediate future:

Whenever organisations require immediate management support or require the services of a proven project leader, and whether this be for a few days’ duration or rather longer, Exec Avenue’s Executive Interim Management team is ready to help.

For what type of scenario is Executive Interim Management designed ?

  • Temporary or permanent absence of an executive or manager
  • Strategic projects requiring immediate management
  • The merger or acquisition of a company or strategic asset
  • Management of a crisis such as pending insolvency

There are many situations that require a tailored response within a few days, if not hours. Building on experience acquired through hundreds of operational assignments over more than 20 years, Exec Avenue is able to project manage the assignment, rapidly finding the appropriate Executive Interim Manager for any requirement worldwide.

Our success stems in part from the fact we have built a database of over 500 pre-selected and highly qualified interim leaders, which is constantly being updated and enriched each time we meet a potential new interim professional.  Such individuals have specialism in a variety of industries and functions as well as experience across different geographical regions, while many are leaders with core general management or turnaround expertise.  Comprehensive project-management of interim assignments is provided, and indeed ensured, by our partners, most of whom are themselves former company executives.

What is an Executive Interim Manager?

An Executive Interim Manager is an individual who:

  • Has undergone first-class training
  • Is experienced in various managerial practices
  • Is familiar with crisis management and delivering immediate results
  • Has no restrictions on mobility or availability
  • Typically speaks at least 2 languages including EnglishHas a proven, referenceable track record with at least 20 years of experience

Executive Interim Management at Exec Avenue:

The Executive Interim Managers (EIMs) we deploy are supported throughout each intervention by a Partner from our firm.  The Partner concerned is typically a former company leader who will ensure the chosen candidate follows our best practices.  The pairing of EIM and Partner into a team in this way ensures appropriate quality and rigour is achieved throughout.  In most cases, the team will prepare a report within 2 to 3 weeks and, together with our client and other stakeholders, will craft an action plan that specifies the assignment’s monthly deliverables.

The support and perspectives brought by our Partners offer our Executive Interim Managers and each respective client the reassurance of knowing that action and resources are fully focused on achievement of key results.  This definition of Executive Interim Management, with clear added value, has now been our trade mark for in excess of 20 years and is the principal reason clients keep coming back.

Case studies:

  • Executive Interim Management in the aerospace industry
  • Executive Interim Management in the fashion industry
  • Executive Interim Management in financial services
  • Expert leaders performing interim assignments

Our assignments:

  • Operational diagnostics and support
  • Governance and Executive Interim Management
  • Non-executive Board of Directors appointments

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